Ways to Save on Moving Costs When Relocating Out of State

Moving across town can be made affordable with the help of friends and family who live nearby. However, when you’re moving out of state, you won’t have those same helpers at your side. How can you continue with the move while still staying on budget? The tips below are some of the best for minimizing costs and can help make your move much less expensive.

1. Estimate Your Budget

While it would be nice, no relocation to another state is going to be free. To have a realistic idea of how much this move with cost you, think about each of the expenses you have to have. Write them down (or use an online calculator) to get a better idea of what your budget should be.

2. Save Moving Receipts

Did you know that you can deduct moving expenses on your taxes if you’re moving for work? While not all expenses are covered, this can help save you quite a bit of money on a longer move.

3. Weigh Your Moving Options

If you’re moving clear across the country or more than a couple of hours away, you’ll want to hire a professional long distance moving company. Not only will they bring a moving truck, but they will also pack all of your boxes safely and unpack them once they arrive.

If you are moving to a different state that’s only a short time away, you do have the option to move by yourself. This will mean having to rent a moving truck; however, it eliminates the cost of movers and drivers. As a result, you can save quite a bit of money, but that comes with the cost of having to do it all yourself.

4. Get Quotes

Any professional you hire to help moving should be carefully considered to ensure they are within your budget. Don’t be afraid to ask for quotes to find the most affordable option.

5. Toss Unused Items

Anything you haven’t touched in a year can be donated, trashed, or given to friends and family. The fewer things you move, the less you’re going to pay to take it to another state. You can even sell things to help bring in some cash toward your expenses.

6. Don’t Hire Packers

Professional packers, while incredibly useful and time-saving, cost extra money. To minimize expenses, you’ll have to pack on your own. Fortunately, you can enlist the help of friends and family during their free time. To help make sure you’re not packing in a hurry, make sure to start weeks in advance and pack each room individually.

7. Find Cheap Materials

Packing materials are necessary but don’t have to cost a lot. Use dish towels, socks, and even clothes to wrap your breakables up safely. You can also find used boxes at most grocery stores, but make sure these are in good shape before using.

Saving Cash on a Big Move

If spending thousands to move out of state doesn’t sound appealing, set your mind to saving with the tips above. While you will still end up spending something, these will help minimize your total cost. It’s also important to constantly monitor your finances to help make sure you’re staying on budget each step of the way.

Shady Long Distance Moving Companies & Scams To Avoid

Statistics show that millions of people change residence every year. Moving from one place to another may be influenced by many factors, but one thing is common – moving is stressful! Hiring a moving expert will ease the stress of your relocation, but, how do you know that a mover you hire can be trust? Making a call and hiring them does not guarantee you that all your valuables are to be delivered safe and at the quoted price. There are many shady long distance moving companies that break the law and harm customers in the process. Don’t be caught off guard by a moving scam!

To determine if a moving company is legitimate to undertake the task or just a shady company, you need to check out the following:

1. Check the Official Company Website

Review the company’s site and check for a valid telephone number and the address. As you are moving just within the state, check for a local moving company by asking friends and reviewing the service areas of various moving companies.

2. Insurance and Security

A legitimate moving company must have an insurance policy in case of any damage to your valuables during the relocation process. You may check for proof of insurance by asking the company directly or by seeing what policy the company has on file with the state or US Department of Transportation.

3. Payments

A legitimate company will visit your place in-person and estimate the cost of moving. Avoid paying with cash; any reputable moving company will accept other forms of payment including check or credit card.

4. Documentation and Contracts

A shady company might be indicated by an unmarked truck and inability to produce documents to show address, the company name or their working validations. Others may appear legitimate, but then hand you an incomplete or blank contract. Never sign an incomplete contract! Ensure all paperwork is filled out properly, and that the truck shows the company’s name and US DOT number.

5. Positive Reviews

Ask your friends and check online for reviews of the company you’re contemplating hiring. It’s a good sign if a company has overwhelmingly positive reviews; avoid those with low ratings and scathing customer feedback. You can check for reviews on sites like Yelp (yelp.com) or Moving Companies Long Distance.

Many companies may offer enticing prices and promise impeccable service, but in the end, you might end up crying or losing some of your things. The following are some of the red flags you can see when hiring a moving company that is a scam:

  • The estimator does the estimation online or through the phone without knowing the actual value of the valuables and asks for the amount
  • The moving company will ask for payments in cash and no other means or ask for huge deposits, consider how the company receives your payments
  • During phoning in, the company may start with “mover” or “moving services” instead of stating the company name
  • A moving company with no website probably isn’t reputable

Scam movers are usually convincing, and their tactics can trap even the most discerning of customers. Be prepared for your move heeding these red flags and hiring movers you can trust!

How to Choose the Best Long Distance Moving Company

Moving out of state can be an exciting but extremely challenging experience. Packing everything up and getting it from point A to point B can cause a lot of stress, so it’s important to find a long-distance mover that makes the job easier and to dodge one that causes problems. By understanding what to look for in a long distance moving company – and what to avoid – you can make moving across the state or even across the country a breeze.

Selecting a Cross Country Mover

There is a lot to consider when choosing a nationwide moving company. Consider the following before making your decision:

Learn about the Company

Doing a little research on the company can help you make an informed decision. Check out their website, peruse their social media profiles, and get a feel for the public face of who you are dealing with. Try to find out how long they’ve been in business, whether they are local or nationwide, and if their online presence seems professional. You can also check to see if they’ve won any awards or accolades from professionals like the American Moving and Storage Association, the Women’s Choice Awards, or another reputable organization.

Question their Policies

Before even having the company out to talk to you about an estimate, ask some questions about their policies and procedures. You may also be able to find some information along these lines on their website or in their promotional materials. Try to find out:

  • If they use subcontractors
  • What their rates include
  • How your property is physically protected during transit
  • If they are licensed and insured
  • Their policy for jobs that take longer than estimated
  • Their complaint policy

Check out Reviews & Ratings

Another excellent way to learn more about a moving company is by checking out their online reviews and ratings. Google, Facebook, and a load of online sources ask users to review organizations. Reading about real experiences others have had can give you a good idea of what you’re dealing with. You should also check out the Better Business Bureau ratings to see how the company deals with complaints.

Get In-Person Estimates

Although they can give you an idea of their rates and what is included, no long distance moving company can provide you an accurate estimate over the phone or via their website. Per Miami moving company, Cheap Movers Miami (find on Facebook & Twitter), interstate movers are required to provide customers with a free in-home estimate if a customer is located within fifty miles of their business. A representative of the moving company will come out to your home and look over everything you are moving to provide an estimate. Get estimates from at least three companies, so you have a good point of comparison to help you make your final decision.

Reputable Long Distance Moving Companies

Even though the other factors like reviews and ratings are important, never choose a moving company that doesn’t meet basic legal requirements. Any interstate mover you consider doing business with should have:

Department of Transportation Licensing

Any moving company that crosses state lines must be properly licensed. Your movers should be able to provide you their USDOT number and Motor Carrier license number. You can use the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to confirm if the USDOT number is valid. Just enter the USDOT number provided in the Search USDOT# or Company Name box and click the search icon. Even if they are not crossing state lines with your property, moving companies are required to be licensed in the state they are operating in and should be able to provide proof of this.

BIPD & Cargo Insurance

At minimum, a reputable moving company should have both bodily-injury and property-damage or BIPD and cargo insurance. This can also be confirmed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website using the link above.

Moving can be hard, but with the help of a licensed and insured reputable mover, your move can be a lot easier.

5 Things the Best Moving Companies Get Right

Moving is generally a stressful experience. Packing, transporting, and unpacking one’s entire life can be a daunting task. Moving companies serve to alleviate a large amount of that stress, but how do you know what to look for when shopping for a mover? The best moving companies make moving seamless and simple for their customers, while maintaining industry standards for professionalism and complying with regulations. With over 7,000 moving companies in the United States alone, how can you differentiate the best moving companies from the rest of the pack?

1. Exceptional Insurance Coverage

By law, moving companies are required to offer two types of insurance coverage: released value protection and full value protection. Oftentimes the state also sets a minimum coverage requirement that moving companies must comply with. However, the best moving companies go above and beyond the bare minimum of coverage to provide peace of mind to their customers. When you are shopping for a moving company, make sure you ask about their insurance coverage and inquire about any additional coverage you may want to purchase.


2. Licensing

If you are looking for interstate (state-to-state) moving services, the company you go with should be licensed by the US Department of Transportation (US DOT). When registered by the DOT, moving companies are issued a unique DOT number that they should display on both their website and their fleet of trucks. You can can use the DOT’s database to ensure that a moving company’s licensing is current and valid. Additionally, most states require licensing for any transportation companies completing intrastate moves of household goods. For more information, check with your state’s Department of Transportation. If the truck arrives on moving day with no signs of a DOT number, don’t let them take your things!

3. Professionalism

Having a team of knowledgeable, experienced movers is essential to the success of any moving company. Employees should be familiar with safely moving furniture and appliances of all sizes. From moving standard furniture to pianos, a team should work seamlessly together to finish a move within the established time frame. They should be able to navigate stairs while carrying furniture or other heavy objects, and should always be familiar with proper packing procedures. Often, the company’s website will make note of any training their employees go through if that is something that’s important to them. If you are looking for someone to move a specialty item like a billiard table or grand piano, make sure you check with references before you hire.

4. Good Reviews

In the age of Google, Yelp, and of course, Powderbomb, this should go without saying, but read reviews from other customers! If the company you’re looking at has an average 2-star rating on Yelp, there’s probably a reason for it. Good movers care about what their clients say and respond professionally to customers, even when the feedback is nasty or unwarranted. On the other hand, don’t let one disgruntled customer discourage you from using a moving company that otherwise has great reviews. There will always be those people…

5. Reasonable Prices

Good, reputable moving companies can get the job done without price gouging. If they refuse to do a walk-through to assess the resources it will take to get you moved or won’t put the quote in writing, walk away. Too often we hear stories of customers who were quoted one price, but end up paying almost double because of hidden fees or inaccurate time estimates. It doesn’t hurt to shop around and get quotes from multiple companies. In fact, there are now several sites that allow you to compare moving companies in your city in one place (see cheapmoversboston.net)

As moving season kicks off this year, we wish you the best of luck as you hire a moving company. Please send us your reviews so we can help direct others to the best movers in their area!

Cheap Moving Services – How to Reduce The Cost Of Movers In Houston

Making a move can get expensive… really quick. To help alleviate the pressure on your wallet, we spoke with local Houston movers (http://cheapmovershouston.net) to get tips and advice about ways the consumer can reduce the cost. To get more tips and advice, find them on twitter & facebook.

So many costs are involved with moving, and it can all hit at once. We can cut back on a few things, and a couple of tips can help.  Reduce the load you are getting the professional movers to deliver.  Little things like books and kids toys can stay with friends, and you can pick up once the rest of your stuff arrives.

Little items that can fit in your car can save on costs.  Another good tip to reduce the moving company cost and that is to move during the offseason if you have the flexibility and time to do this it’s worth a phone call to the movers and ask if they can give you an extra discount during the off season.  Booking with your movers early can cut the cost down. If you book your movers last minute and need them ASAP, then they will likely charge you a fee for the inconvenience and having to get the workers in unexpected so book as early as you possibly can.  Be aware of possible extra chargers from movers like expedited services charge, long-carry chargers and chargers for weekend work.




Extra charges are charged if moving large items like boats, or Jet Ski’s is needed so make sure you make the movers aware of this as a special vehicle may be needed which will incur costs (see more info here).  If you get the movers to dismantle anything to be moved through doorways, this will also include a fee so have these things already dismantled before they arrive to save on the moving company costs.  Make sure you measure items to check fitting in your new house otherwise you’ll end up paying for items to be moved for nothing.

Reducing moving time can reduce costs so make sure everything is labelled where it goes so the movers know exactly where it goes without waiting for you and your family to decide a place for it to go.  Look around, ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for price reductions if you think it’s possible given the reason. Sometimes working with the movers and making sure they are organized and happy can lead to them giving you a favor which could just be a price reduction.

Explore What You Can Expect in terms of Moving Company Service

Moving company service can cover a wide range of accommodations

A customer can expect a wide range of services from an entity providing moving company service. These items include packing materials, actual packing services, loading and unloading work, and placement of items at the destination. All of these services should be provided for in the contract for hire when the moving company is put under contract to provide the moving help. Insurance on all items moved and all personnel involved in the service should also be addressed. A time frame for packing, the transit of the goods being moved, and final unpacking should also be established. An agreement should be reached at the time of contracting about any damage to contents and delay to the schedule. A money amount should also be specified as unliquidated damages in the event of any unanticipated delay caused by the moving company. Any delay caused by the individuals whose items are being moved should incur no penalties on the part of the company providing the service.


Decide what is needed before contracting for moving company service

The individual or entity arranging the move should be clear on the scope of services needed. All of the expected services should be outlined in the contract for services. The parties should carefully scrutinize any boilerplate contracts to ensure that there is no mistake about services provided or contract terms. The hiring parties should come prepared with a list of their expectations, which should be added to the final contract as an addendum and signed by all parties signifying acceptance by all. Any terms which expand the terms provided for in the boilerplate contract language should also be initialed by all parties to prove agreement.



Understand what is being covered in the contracted-for moving company service

It is important to understand the terms of a contract at the outset of performance of the contract. Without that meeting of the minds of the parties, the contract could be declared invalid if gross misunderstanding can be proved. For that reason, use of check-lists in service contracts can go a long way to establishing the terms of a contract. A checklist can serve as a sort of work order to specify what  is covered in the agreement of the parties. Having the parties to the agreement sign or initial the checklist can indicate that the parties have seen the wording and agree to be bound by it in their actions during the move.


Inspect all moving work performed by the contracted-for movig company service prior to final payment

Often in a moving setting, the condition of the items being transported is a point of contention for the parties. The parties must specify the condition the items should be in at the time of delivery and any penalties resulting from failure to meet that standard. There should be provision made for an inspection of the goods, and a time frame within which a claim should be made if the items prove to be in an unsatisfactory condition.

Dallas Metroplex Movers

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