Cheap Moving Services – How to Reduce The Cost Of Movers In Houston

Making a move can get expensive… really quick. To help alleviate the pressure on your wallet, we spoke with local Houston movers ( to get tips and advice about ways the consumer can reduce the cost. To get more tips and advice, find them on twitter & facebook.

So many costs are involved with moving, and it can all hit at once. We can cut back on a few things, and a couple of tips can help.  Reduce the load you are getting the professional movers to deliver.  Little things like books and kids toys can stay with friends, and you can pick up once the rest of your stuff arrives.

Little items that can fit in your car can save on costs.  Another good tip to reduce the moving company cost and that is to move during the offseason if you have the flexibility and time to do this it’s worth a phone call to the movers and ask if they can give you an extra discount during the off season.  Booking with your movers early can cut the cost down. If you book your movers last minute and need them ASAP, then they will likely charge you a fee for the inconvenience and having to get the workers in unexpected so book as early as you possibly can.  Be aware of possible extra chargers from movers like expedited services charge, long-carry chargers and chargers for weekend work.




Extra charges are charged if moving large items like boats, or Jet Ski’s is needed so make sure you make the movers aware of this as a special vehicle may be needed which will incur costs (see more info here).  If you get the movers to dismantle anything to be moved through doorways, this will also include a fee so have these things already dismantled before they arrive to save on the moving company costs.  Make sure you measure items to check fitting in your new house otherwise you’ll end up paying for items to be moved for nothing.

Reducing moving time can reduce costs so make sure everything is labelled where it goes so the movers know exactly where it goes without waiting for you and your family to decide a place for it to go.  Look around, ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for price reductions if you think it’s possible given the reason. Sometimes working with the movers and making sure they are organized and happy can lead to them giving you a favor which could just be a price reduction.

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