Explore What You Can Expect in terms of Moving Company Service

Moving company service can cover a wide range of accommodations

A customer can expect a wide range of services from an entity providing moving company service. These items include packing materials, actual packing services, loading and unloading work, and placement of items at the destination. All of these services should be provided for in the contract for hire when the moving company is put under contract to provide the moving help. Insurance on all items moved and all personnel involved in the service should also be addressed. A time frame for packing, the transit of the goods being moved, and final unpacking should also be established. An agreement should be reached at the time of contracting about any damage to contents and delay to the schedule. A money amount should also be specified as unliquidated damages in the event of any unanticipated delay caused by the moving company. Any delay caused by the individuals whose items are being moved should incur no penalties on the part of the company providing the service.


Decide what is needed before contracting for moving company service

The individual or entity arranging the move should be clear on the scope of services needed. All of the expected services should be outlined in the contract for services. The parties should carefully scrutinize any boilerplate contracts to ensure that there is no mistake about services provided or contract terms. The hiring parties should come prepared with a list of their expectations, which should be added to the final contract as an addendum and signed by all parties signifying acceptance by all. Any terms which expand the terms provided for in the boilerplate contract language should also be initialed by all parties to prove agreement.



Understand what is being covered in the contracted-for moving company service

It is important to understand the terms of a contract at the outset of performance of the contract. Without that meeting of the minds of the parties, the contract could be declared invalid if gross misunderstanding can be proved. For that reason, use of check-lists in service contracts can go a long way to establishing the terms of a contract. A checklist can serve as a sort of work order to specify what  is covered in the agreement of the parties. Having the parties to the agreement sign or initial the checklist can indicate that the parties have seen the wording and agree to be bound by it in their actions during the move.


Inspect all moving work performed by the contracted-for movig company service prior to final payment

Often in a moving setting, the condition of the items being transported is a point of contention for the parties. The parties must specify the condition the items should be in at the time of delivery and any penalties resulting from failure to meet that standard. There should be provision made for an inspection of the goods, and a time frame within which a claim should be made if the items prove to be in an unsatisfactory condition.

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