Shady Long Distance Moving Companies & Scams To Avoid

Statistics show that millions of people change residence every year. Moving from one place to another may be influenced by many factors, but one thing is common – moving is stressful! Hiring a moving expert will ease the stress of your relocation, but, how do you know that a mover you hire can be trust? Making a call and hiring them does not guarantee you that all your valuables are to be delivered safe and at the quoted price. There are many shady long distance moving companies that break the law and harm customers in the process. Don’t be caught off guard by a moving scam!

To determine if a moving company is legitimate to undertake the task or just a shady company, you need to check out the following:

1. Check the Official Company Website

Review the company’s site and check for a valid telephone number and the address. As you are moving just within the state, check for a local moving company by asking friends and reviewing the service areas of various moving companies.

2. Insurance and Security

A legitimate moving company must have an insurance policy in case of any damage to your valuables during the relocation process. You may check for proof of insurance by asking the company directly or by seeing what policy the company has on file with the state or US Department of Transportation.

3. Payments

A legitimate company will visit your place in-person and estimate the cost of moving. Avoid paying with cash; any reputable moving company will accept other forms of payment including check or credit card.

4. Documentation and Contracts

A shady company might be indicated by an unmarked truck and inability to produce documents to show address, the company name or their working validations. Others may appear legitimate, but then hand you an incomplete or blank contract. Never sign an incomplete contract! Ensure all paperwork is filled out properly, and that the truck shows the company’s name and US DOT number.

5. Positive Reviews

Ask your friends and check online for reviews of the company you’re contemplating hiring. It’s a good sign if a company has overwhelmingly positive reviews; avoid those with low ratings and scathing customer feedback. You can check for reviews on sites like Yelp ( or Moving Companies Long Distance.

Many companies may offer enticing prices and promise impeccable service, but in the end, you might end up crying or losing some of your things. The following are some of the red flags you can see when hiring a moving company that is a scam:

  • The estimator does the estimation online or through the phone without knowing the actual value of the valuables and asks for the amount
  • The moving company will ask for payments in cash and no other means or ask for huge deposits, consider how the company receives your payments
  • During phoning in, the company may start with “mover” or “moving services” instead of stating the company name
  • A moving company with no website probably isn’t reputable

Scam movers are usually convincing, and their tactics can trap even the most discerning of customers. Be prepared for your move heeding these red flags and hiring movers you can trust!

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